LLC “Biprotax” controls all processes, starting with the production of its own raw materials.
Step one
Extraction of raw materials
The raw material is extracted from larch. Taxifolin and Arabinogalactan is contained in the butt portion. The wood is crushed into chips and then delivered to the factory. We recycle raw materials 100% and have no waste. We preserve and renew the forest by planting young larch shoots.
Step two
Product Manufacturing
Larch chips go to production. The production uses water, high pressure and high temperature. Our production is environmentally friendly and does not contain harmful chemical additives. Here we get Taxifolin (Dihydroquercetin) with a purity ≥92,00% and also Arabinogalactan ≥95%.
Step three
Certification and Packaging
Each batch is analyzed and complies with international standards.
We pack our products in special polyethylene bags with a volume of 2000 grams.
Then we send our products to the customer by DHL/UPS airmail.
Raw materials in powder for new production.
Step four
Production of ready-made supliments
We produce our own line of natural nutritional supplements, developed with the participation of research and medical institutes.
Finished products in capsules and powder.